Welcome to Goostrey Pre-School

Pre-School indoor setting Outdoors Playing bricks cuddling dollies

Goostrey Pre-School is located in the heart of Goostrey, a lovely village in Cheshire that is about 15 minutes south of Knutsford, near Holmes Chapel.

Goostrey Pre-School is a community-based group which has been running in the village since 1967 and has become a valued part of our local community. We operate with the full support of Goostrey Community Primary School, and offer education and care for children from two-and-a-half years to school age.

We aim to encourage the development and education of pre-school children in a parent-involving, community-based group, providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment and working with a framework which offers equal opportunities for all children and families.

We have a great partnership with Goostrey Community Primary School. The Headteacher, Miss Lyndsey Atkins, has always been very supportive of our pre-school and everything that we strive to achieve. Mrs Flint, the reception teacher, goes to pre-school for a couple of sessions during the summer term to get to know the rising 5 children as well as being so generous with her time with regards to fundraising and general pre-school participation. 

At pre-school, because the children attend from age 2.5 - 5, the children make friends with others in the years above and below them. This creates strong links amongst all the children at pre-school and continues on throughout the primary school.

We have such a happy pre-school in Goostrey where the children are content, safe and well-prepared for their primary school journey. 

Please see the link below for more information about Goostrey Community Primary School.


Our setting number is EY 550369