Useful Contact Information

Goostrey Pre-School Address

1st Goostrey Scout Hut
220 Main Road
Cheshire CW4 8PE


Staff Members

  • Nicola Ellershaw (Manager)
  • Rachel Sharples (Deputy Manager)
  • Barbara Wood
  • Jen Prichard
  • Pam Harrison
  • Paige Hughes


Emergency mobile phone number

N.B. Available during pre-school hours only.

Telephone: 07471 756720


For queries regarding registration or increasing number of sessions

Please contact Nicola




Ann-Louise Warren, Committee Chairperson

Linda Flint, Vice Chairperson

For general queries or those regarding the committee.

Telephone: 01477 549612


Vikki Northwood, Treasurer

For queries regarding fees or nursery vouchers.


Other Committee Members

  • Jenny Pearson
  • Jane Walton
  • Fiona Brown